Working closely with the subjects of my commissioned portraits has resulted in many treasured friendships. My development as an artist has been influenced by my passion for portraiture. I have always found it fascinating to observe the relationship of external characteristics and personality traits. Painting portraits provides a range of artistic, spiritual and psychological learning experiences that is inexhaustible.

When a portrait is commissioned, I request a collection of photographs of my subject from infancy or early childhood to the present. Studying this material helps me to observe physical characteristics and agents of expression that have remained constant as well as those that have changed with time. A meeting is then arranged at my client’s home to discuss the approximate size of the portrait and compositional considerations. At this time we review clothing options and make a few selections. An initial two-hour studio appointment is scheduled to explore poses, lighting, color and composition. Whenever possible, a series of weekly two-hour sittings is scheduled and the portrait is painted from life. The price of a commissioned portrait is based on the size of the painting, the number of figures and the complexity of the composition. For more information about commissioning a portrait, please email or call my studio.